Jewelry is a human instinct

There is no barrier for you to have the jewellery you like, you dream about, you draw up. Do you have an idea? A special item you’d like to gift someone, or maybe a favourite piece you’d like to recreate? Contact us, we’d love to assist you to materialise your project!

1 – Your design

We start from your design and idea.

You don’t need much to start. As simple drawing, a picture of an inspiring piece can be enough to begin.

Based on this design, we can send you a quote for designing the model and how much it would cost to produce.


2 – 3D model


Kolontai designs your 3D model and makes it ready for production.

As soon as a version is finished, you can review it and make changes, until you are happy with the piece.

3 – choose material

Once you’re happy with your model, it’s time to choose the material you’d like to produce your piece in.

The choice is very wide: ranging from our personal favorite, steel, to plastics and all kinds of precious metals in full gold and silver, or the more budget friendly plated version. 

4 –

Wear it
gift it
sell it

It’s up to you from here on!

Questions? Contact us through the contact form or mail to contact@kolontai.com