Mobius brass and silver earrings


These Mobius earrings are inspired by the möbius strip, a ribbon with only one edge and one side. If you walk the ribbon completely on one side, you end up on the same side without passing an edge. When you cut the loop in half, as done with these earrings, you get another cool effect. It doubles up, instead of creating two new circles, and runs parallel before joining again.

The Mobius earrings are available in silver, matte brass and gold.

Inspiration for the Mobius earrings is the möbius strip, an impossible geometric structure with only one edge and one side. It symbolizes unity. If you would take a stroll on one side, and go completely around, you end up in the same spot. Two parts merge into one. While walking, we discover that two was one all along, yet each 'one' retains its uniqueness. When you cut the loop in half, as done with these earrings, you an even different effect: it doubles up, instead of creating two new circles which run parallel, cut off behind the ear to allow for the 'hoop earring' look.


We keep in line with our minimal and industrial choice of style. Most of our items are available in steel, for a raw, sometimes almost unfinished look. The clean minimal lines accentuate this choice even more. Combined with elegant clothing, you can create a strong, contrasting yet flowing, natural look to stand out at every occasion. The Mobius earrings are also great pair to wear on a daily base, just at home, to feel strong and empowered at every moment.

Are you looking for a full look? Combine these earrings with the Mobius bracelet, and the Eclipse pendant.

The Mobius earrings are available in some materials. The matte brass version is made from brass and finished with a PLA coating to apply the matte look. The gold version is made in brass with a 24k gold coating. Finally, our silver earrings are made with full, natural silver. More materials, from plastic to full and white gold, are available on request.

Custom pieces

Special requests, a gift? Please contact our customer service; we'd be happy to customize the piece for you or make it available in the finishing of your choice. To keep in line with sustainability, we make some of our items on-demand. As a consequence, backorder times can take up to 3 weeks.

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Gold, Matte Brass, Silver


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