Laika, the first dog launched to outer space, inspired us to design this small, minimalist pendant and represent our respect for stray dogs.

What could she be looking at from outer space, all by herself? Laika was a stray mongrel from the streets of Moscow, selected to go into space with the Sputnik 2, which launched on November 3rd 1957. Het mission was designed to pave the way for human spaceflight, in an attempt to prove that a living being could survive a launch into orbit and endure the micro-g environment. She passed away a couple of hours into the launch from a system malfunction.

When we moved into our house, quite quickly, a pair of stray dogs approached us and adopted us. They took on the task of guarding the house and gave us a lot of love, affection and playtime. When the female passed away two years later, she left a space both in the house and in our hearts. Making this small keepsake is, in a particular manner, our way of remembering her and honouring what she did for us and our household, to honour the resilience and her place in our family. These guys who survive in the roughest of circumstances, when given affection and care, will not hesitate to reciprocate in their own ways. It is up to us to respect that, respect them, and look beyond their mutt like appearance.

Laika, the most famous of stray dogs, chosen for the resilience she had build up living on the streets of Moscow, is the proper hero to represent this group. With this small pendant, we hope to honour her memory and that of all stray dogs.


This swirly, elegant, tiny, pendant is available in silver and paired with a strong necklace.

Custom piece

Other finishes, ranging from gold to bronze and black steel, in a matte or polished version, are available on demand. Special requests, a gift, looking for a customizable pendant? Please contact our customer service; we'd be happy to customize the piece for you or make it available in the finishing of your choice. To keep in line with our vision of sustainable jewellery and production, we make many of our pieces on-demand. As a consequence, production times can take up to 3 weeks.


Size in mm: 15.20 x 3.45 x 14.90
Size in inch: 0.598 x 0.136 x 0.587

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